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There is more than one way to do the job: Workplace Accommodations

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If we take a close look at our workplaces most of us would discover that very few employees and coworkers fulfill their responsibilities and complete their tasks in exactly the same way. However, in most cases the outcomes are similar and largely completed to the satisfaction of the employer.
What are “workplace accommodations?”
“To accommodate someone means to remove the barriers which prevent people from gaining access to jobs, housing, and the use of goods, services and facilities (e.g. public transit or schools)”.
An employee may work on a report tucked away in her office where it is quiet with potentially few interruptions. Conversely her co-worker finds her focus by working in the company of others where the energy level stimulates her thought processes. Each employee is productive and completes the report.
In order to work to the best of our abilities sometimes it is necessary to make adjustments in our environment, to the tools or equipment we use or to our work schedules. It is more common than we realize.
When accommodations are made available to remove barriers for employees who live with a visible or non-visible disability, the results show that not only do they work to the best of their abilities; those accommodations often benefit other employees and can create an environment that encourages productivity for all.

More information and resources for removing barriers:
Job Carving:
Ergonomics Resources:
Assistive Equipment Resources:
Health and Safety Resource:
Flexible Work Schedule

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Want to Start a Group or Dialogue in your Community?

Facilitating Vibrant Conversations is a 3-session training especially welcoming seniors and people with disabilities, but open to all community members, volunteers and front line workers. Sessions are noon – 3pm Feb 19, 20 and 26 at John Braithwaite Community Centre. You must commit to all 3 sessions and register with Suzanne @ 604-904-4088 or There are limited seats available, and we usually fill up very quickly, so don’t delay, register today!
poster for Facilitating Vibrant Conversations Feb 2018


Empower People with Disabilities by Donating to our GoFundMe campaign!

A smiling young woman and her mom talk about employment

North Shore Disability Resource Centre (NSDRC) needs your help to launch an innovative pilot project for engaging local stakeholder groups to solve the North Shore’s labour shortage and reduce employment barriers for North Shore residents with disabilities.

We’re trying something a little different with this GoFundMe campaign, because we think it’s the perfect way to reach people in the community who want the opportunity to give something back and be part of creating a long term solution to a big problem that’s too often overlooked. Check out our GoFundMe page by clicking the button below.

GoFundme Button with a link to NSDRC's Go Fund me page


and the Raffle Winners are…..

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 NSDRC Raffle

First Prize: Rhonda Ralar winner of the trip for two on any scheduled WestJet destination.

Second Prize: Kimmie Hubbard winner of the Insignia LED TV

Third Prize: Jason Suwala winner of the $100 Browns Social House Gift Certificate

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets and assisted with ensuring we can continue to ‘work for a community for all.’


Options for Us: Housing for People with Disabilities

Image of three houses made of puzzlepieces
In 2016, the NSDRC Association and Foundation Boards began a housing engagement project called Options for Us – Housing for People with Disabilities on the North Shore with the goal of asking a range of people with disabilities and their families and caregivers about the current housing situation, and what would work better.

From March 2016 until January 2017 the project engaged more than 140 parents, family members and individuals from NSDRC programs, the North Shore Brain Injury Survivors Group, the North Shore Schizophrenia Society, the North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues, the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC’s Youth Without Limits Group, and NSDRC’s Supportive Transition Adult Education program.

The report has been released and can be viewed as a PDF here: Final Report on Options for Us Engagements

Check out our list of housing for families, adults and seniors with disabilities in the Resource Guide


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