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VanCity Savings Credit Union (VanCity)

ACED – Advice and Coaching for Entrepreneurs with a Disability
Phone: 604 709-6930 or 250 995 7620 on Vancouver Island
Website: ACED – Advice and Coaching for Entrepreneurs with a Disability

The ACED (Advice and Coaching for Entrepreneurs with a Disability) program can provide access to business services that help you apply for and receive microloan funding, enhance your business skills, and support the success of your business.
Are you eligible?
To be eligible for the ACED program, you must:
Be in the process of applying for a Vancity microloan
Self-identify and disclose yourself as a person with a disability
Be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident
Operate the business in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley Regional District, Greater Victoria, or the Sea-to-Sky Corridor.
Program benefits
Your ACED program manager will work closely with you to identify the business support you need. Services include:
Training and/or review services to help you prepare your business plan
Business coaching, counselling, and mentorship
Help with locating other business resources
Through ACED, we’ll engage and pay a third party business advisor to provide these supports to you.
Before you apply…
Before applying for a loan to launch a business, we recommend that you contact the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation to determine the impact that generating self-employment or small business income may have on your disability payments.
While you must self-identify or disclose your disability to qualify for ACED business support, this is not required to qualify for a microloan.


BC Centre for Ability

Address: 2805 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-451-5511
Fax: 604-451-5651
Email: On website under the “Contact Us” tab

The BC for Ability helps people with disabilities find employment by raising awareness, identifying opportunities, recruiting candidates, and enabling training and financial support.

Main Employment Programs:

– Opportunities Fund Program for Persons with Disabilities

– Work BC Case Management Services

BC Centre for Ability also works with daycares, preschools, family daycares and out of school care programs, they provide consultation services and extra staffing assistance to ensure inclusive practices for children who have a demonstrated need for extra support.


Assistive Technology BC

Address: #108 – 1750 W. 75th Avenue
Vancouver, BC Canada V6P 6G2
Phone: (604) 264-8295
Fax/TTY: (604) 263-2267

Assistive Technology BC (ATBC) provides assistive technology resources to make learning and working environment usable for people with disabilities throughout British Columbia.
In collaboration with persons with disabilities, post-secondary institutions, employers, community organizations, and our funding partners, ATBC offers a wide range of individualized, centrally coordinated technology services including assessments, assistive equipment, training, and consultation to enable persons with disabilities to achieve their educational and employment goals.
Assistive Technologies include Speech Recognition, Audio Recording, Concept Mapping, Text to Speech, Screen Readers / Magnifiers, and Operating Systems.



Address: Suite 318 – 425 Carrall Street
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-688-6464 ext. 115

ConnecTra helps people with disabilities connect to their communities.
ConnecTra offers The Employment Mentorship Support Project (EMSP).
The project will test and evaluate whether the pairing of people with physical disabilities who are seeking employment with community-based, trained volunteer mentors can help reduce obstacles and increase the potential for employment.
The EMSP takes place in six Metro Vancouver communities: North Shore, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Tri-Cities and Surrey. We have Community Connectors, people with physical disabilities themselves, recruiting participants and volunteer mentors in each of these communities.
The EMSP offers eight months of one-on-one volunteer support for people with disabilities who want to explore work, social and leisure options. Participants will NOT be pressured into work, and will be at NO RISK of losing benefits.
For more information please contact your local Community Connector at ConnecTra.
The Community Connector for North and West Vancouver:
— Louisa Bridgman

Phone: 604-417-1765


Transition & Employment Program, North Shore Disability Resource Centre

Address: 3158 Mountain Hwy,
North Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-985-5371
Transition & Employment Facilitator (Glenda): 604-904-4075

The Transition & Employment program assists young people with disabilities, aged 15+ and their families to navigate the transition from child to adult services, and supports toward employment.
How we can help…
– Assist youth with disabilities to transition into the government services system
– Develop a transition plan for your future
– Provide information regarding transition and employment
– Facilitate workshops and information sessions
– Link you to services and resources in the community
– Attend school transition IEP meetings by request
– Job Club and employment workshops for job seekers
– Job development supports
– Individual appointments are available

We can also assist employers!


Open Door Group

Address: 300-30 East 6th Avenue,
Vancouver BC
Phone: 604-872-0770
Fax: 604-873-1758

Open Door Group organization is about people. From the clients and employers that we work with to the amazing people who work here, from our tireless community partners to our generous funders, we are dedicated to building genuine and collaborative relationships that support meaningful work for everyone.


The British Columbia Association of Professionals with Disabilities

Address: 714 Warder Place,
Victoria BC
Phone: 250-361-9697

The British Columbia Association of Professionals with Disabilities is a provincially incorporated non-profit dedicated to maximizing the inclusion, job retention, and advancement of current and future professionals with disabilities. Our non-profit is solely and permanently committed to meeting the complex and emerging concerns of professionals with disabilities. We are a cross-disabilities based organisation and are controlled by professionals with disabilities for professionals with disabilities.


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