Job Seekers

Capilano University: Access Work Experience Programs

Address: 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3H5
Birch Building, Room 344
Phone: 604-984-1711
Email: or

This certificate program helps students learn skills to succeed in their future education and/or vocational goals. Students will finish with a personal portfolio, educational and employment-related certifications, strategies for success in first year courses, and current work experience in a sector related to their vocational interests.


Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (WIDHH)

Address: 2125 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver BC
Phone: 604-736-7391
TTY: 604-736-2527
Toll-Free: 1-888-736-7391
Fax: 604-736-4381

WIDHH is unique because we are the only organization in British Columbia that houses resources to assist with every aspect of a person’s life under one roof. These resources include hearing aid services, sign language interpreting services, employment counselling services, a job resource centre, a seniors outreach program, a communication devices showroom, informative classes, and community presentations.

WIDHH proudly believes in serving the community as a non-profit organization. This means that any money we earn from our social enterprises, such as our hearing aid clinic, goes back into the community to provide free programs.

Hearing Aid Clinic
Hearing Tests
Hearing Aids
Counselling Services
Employment Counselling
Seniors Outreach
Sign Language Interpreting Services
Communication Devices Showroom


Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

Address: North and West Vancouver Branch
Suite 300 – 1835 Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver, BC V7M 2J8
Phone: 604-987-6959
Fax: 604-980-0336

The Canadian Mental Health Association provides mental health promotion and mental illness recovery-focused programs and services for people of all ages and their families. They provide services in areas of counselling, youth, campus, employment, housing, workplace, and community training.


The Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation

Address: 902 West 16th Street
North Vancouver, BC
Phone: 1-866-866-0800
Fax: 1 855 771-8731

Employment Strategy for Persons with Disabilities
The Government of British Columbia recognizes that persons with disabilities want to achieve greater independence for themselves and their families. They want to contribute to their communities by volunteering or working, as they are able.

The Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation introduced the Employment Strategy for Persons with Disabilities that focuses on developing a broad range of new skills training services and employment-related programs to assist persons with disabilities into the labour market and to improve their employment outcomes.

Components of the Employment Strategy for Persons with Disabilities include:

– Employment Program for Persons with Disabilities (EPPD)
– Minister’s Council on Employment and Accessibility
– Disability Supports for Employment Fund (Vancouver Foundation)



Spinal Chord Injury (SCI) BC

Address: 780 S.W. Marine Drive,
Vancouver, B.C. V6P 5Y7
Tel: (604) 324-3611 Fax: (604) 326-1229 Toll-Free: 1-877-324-3611

The Spinal Chord Injury (SCI) BC Job Board

Spinal Chord Injury (SCI) BC offers a free employment database. As an employer you are able to submit, relist, view and remove your job listings. As a job seeker, you are able to post your resume for potential employers to view, and set up alerts to be notified when positions in your interest areas become available.


Wired 4 Success

Address: #106-267 West Esplanade,
North Vancouver, BC V7M 1A5
Phone: 604-988-1292
Fax: 604-987-8122

Wired 4 Success is a North Shore youth employment program designed specifically for youth, 15 to 30 years of age, with barriers to employment.

The 17-week program, funded by Service Canada, offers a combination of classroom instruction and work experience. Youth are paid to participate in the program based on minimum wage and a 30 hour work week. The program is designed to help youth develop the skills and tools needed to find work, return to school, or a combination of both.


Neil Squire Society

Address: 400 – 3999 Henning Drive
Burnaby, BC V5C 6P9
T 604-473-9363
F 604-473-9364
Toll Free 1-877-673-4636

Western Regional Manager
Greg Pyc:

The Neil Squire Society helps their clients remove barriers so that they can live independent lives and become active members of the workplace and our society. Specializing in education and workplace empowerment, the Society has served over 30,000 people since 1984.
Employment Programs
Working Together: helps people with disabilities prepare for, obtain and maintain employment. This unique, comprehensive and participant centered program is designed to develop the skills required to help individuals achieve their employment goals.
Solutions for Employment: provides specialized case managed services for people with disabilities and injuries. Our range of services support job seekers find and maintain employment and improve employment readiness. *Offered at our Western Regional Office only.


BC Centre for Ability

Address: 2805 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-451-5511
Fax: 604-451-5651
Email: On website under the “Contact Us” tab

The BC for Ability helps people with disabilities find employment by raising awareness, identifying opportunities, recruiting candidates, and enabling training and financial support.

Main Employment Programs:

– Opportunities Fund Program for Persons with Disabilities

– Work BC Case Management Services

BC Centre for Ability also works with daycares, preschools, family daycares and out of school care programs, they provide consultation services and extra staffing assistance to ensure inclusive practices for children who have a demonstrated need for extra support.


Assistive Technology BC

Address: #108 – 1750 W. 75th Avenue
Vancouver, BC Canada V6P 6G2
Phone: (604) 264-8295
Fax/TTY: (604) 263-2267

Assistive Technology BC (ATBC) provides assistive technology resources to make learning and working environment usable for people with disabilities throughout British Columbia.
In collaboration with persons with disabilities, post-secondary institutions, employers, community organizations, and our funding partners, ATBC offers a wide range of individualized, centrally coordinated technology services including assessments, assistive equipment, training, and consultation to enable persons with disabilities to achieve their educational and employment goals.
Assistive Technologies include Speech Recognition, Audio Recording, Concept Mapping, Text to Speech, Screen Readers / Magnifiers, and Operating Systems.



Address: 310-260 West Esplinade
North Vancouver BC
Phone:  604 988 3766
Fax:  604 988 7153

WorkBC provides a range of programs and services to job seekers, youth and adult, including limited services for people with disabilties. Call first.


North Shore ConneXions Society

Adress: 1070 Roosevelt Crescent
North Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-984-9321
Fax: 604-984-9882

The North Shore ConneXions Society supports families and serves children and adults living with intellectual disabilities.

Services we provide for you as a job-seeker:
We will help you to find and keep a job in the community.
We will meet with you a number of times to get to know you and your skills and aptitude for work. This information helps guide the job search and negotiations for a paid job. Finding employment can take a long time, so to be successful you will need a mixture of motivation and patience! Once you are offered a job, we come with you to the work site. We will help you to master the tasks and to get comfortable with your new co-workers. We then begin to fade away gradually as you become more independent!

For more information, please contact Devon Bruce, Program Manager at 604.984.9321 or

Day Programs

Participants need a referral from the North Shore office of Community Living BC (CLBC) in order to access our Day Programs. ConneXions offers a wide variety of Day Programs. The interests and needs of the individuals we support are the foundation of every program and service that we offer. All of our services are collaborative, flexible, client-centered and highly accountable. Our ongoing commitment is to meet the individual and evolving needs of each participant.

Amongst the vast opportunities offered through our Day Programs are vocational and employment training, recreation, education and leisure activities. Also included in our Day Programs is our Social Enterprise Program.


This program provides life skills to individuals with developmental disabilities through two types of supports:

Community-Based Lifeskills

The majority of individuals in Community Based Lifeskills live at home and receive targeted, time-limited supports in areas that will assist future independent living. Some examples of supports are: learning how to use transit, budgeting, how to use local recreation and community facilities, grocery shopping and menu planning/cooking.

Residential Outreach Lifeskills

We work with families to serve individuals who live independently in the community. We typically assist with the following; bill payment and money management, grocery shopping, food storage and meal preparation, home maintenance skills, personal and community safety, and selected medical/dental appointment assistance.

Individuals need a referral from Community Living BC (CLBC) in order to access the Lifeskills program.

For more information about Lifeskills, please contact the Program Manager, Elizabeth Roach –


Strive Living

Address: #500 – 4370 Dominion Street
Burnaby, BC
Phone: 604-936-9944
Fax: 604-936-9003

Strive’s Supported Employment Services (SES) is a customized employment program that operates out of the Strive Centre in Vancouver. SES is for individuals with disabilities who require assistance to acquire and maintain paid employment.
The SES model provides skill development and job training, with built in support to ensure success and work readiness.
With all of our applications, we emphasize hard work, a willingness to learn, and the ability to work positively with others.

SES Offers the following services:

• Individualized employment plan and goals
• On site job coaching and case management support
• Skill development
• Paid employment
• Employment placements
• Practicum placements
• Safety training
• Equipment training
• Workshops
• Adapted work environments
• Administrative training


Community Living Society (CLS)

Address: # 490 – 6400 Roberts St.
Burnaby  V5G 4C9
Tel: 604-451-8699
Fax: 604-451-5708
TTY: 604-451-5748 Ext 371
The Waterfront Opportunity Centre
Vocational Service Centre:
260 West Esplanade
Tel: 604-988-7682
Fax: 604-451-5708
North Vancouver  V7M 3G7

Community based day program for a wide variety of people with disabilities.  Provides a broad range of recreational, leisure, and social activities. Also provides musical therapy, volunteer and work experiences.


Voice of the Cerebral Palsied of Greater Vancouver (VCP)

Address: 2251 Kingsway 
Vancouver BC  V5N 2T6
Tel: 604-874-1741
Fax: 604- 874-1746

The Voice of the Cerebral Palsied of Greater Vancouver is a self-help support society formed in the firm belief that Cerebral Palsied (CP) adults are the only experts on their own needs and aspirations. The VCP is controlled and operated solely by adults with Cerebral Palsy and other birth defects. It is the only organization in B. C. which truly represents Cerebral Palsied people. The VCP was formed to provide a continuum of services and programs necessary to assist Cerebral Palsied individuals in developing the skills and confidence to assume a productive and meaningful role in society.

Services they provide:

– Computer Services
– Newsletter
– Registry Program
– Outreach
– Job Development
– Project Development
– Housing Development



Address: Suite 318 – 425 Carrall Street
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-688-6464 ext. 115

ConnecTra helps people with disabilities connect to their communities.
ConnecTra offers The Employment Mentorship Support Project (EMSP).
The project will test and evaluate whether the pairing of people with physical disabilities who are seeking employment with community-based, trained volunteer mentors can help reduce obstacles and increase the potential for employment.
The EMSP takes place in six Metro Vancouver communities: North Shore, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Tri-Cities and Surrey. We have Community Connectors, people with physical disabilities themselves, recruiting participants and volunteer mentors in each of these communities.
The EMSP offers eight months of one-on-one volunteer support for people with disabilities who want to explore work, social and leisure options. Participants will NOT be pressured into work, and will be at NO RISK of losing benefits.
For more information please contact your local Community Connector at ConnecTra.
The Community Connector for North and West Vancouver:
— Louisa Bridgman

Phone: 604-417-1765


Community Living BC (CLBC)

Adult Services for Community Living
North Shore/Howe Sound Office
Address: #210–1200 Lynn Valley Road
North Vancouver
Phone: 604-981-0321
General Enquiries:

CLBC funds support and services to help adults with developmental disabilities and their families achieve their goals and live the life they want. CLBC funded supports are delivered through service agencies and help eligible adults meet their disability related needs and participate in meaningful ways in the community.CLBC funded supports can include community inclusion supports that focus on employment, social and life skills.


Spinal Cord Injury BC (formerly BC Paraplegic Association)

Address: 780 South West Marine Drive 
Vancouver  V6E 4A4
Phone: 604-324-3611

Formerly known as the BC Paraplegic Association, Spinal Cord Injury BC (SCI BC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping people with spinal cord injuries, and related disabilities, adjust, adapt and thrive.

Whether someone needs help finding accessible housing, meaningful employment, special equipment and any other resources about living with a physical disability in BC, we’re here to help.


Transition & Employment Program, North Shore Disability Resource Centre

Address: 3158 Mountain Hwy,
North Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-985-5371
Transition & Employment Facilitator (Glenda): 604-904-4075

The Transition & Employment program assists young people with disabilities, aged 15+ and their families to navigate the transition from child to adult services, and supports toward employment.
How we can help…
– Assist youth with disabilities to transition into the government services system
– Develop a transition plan for your future
– Provide information regarding transition and employment
– Facilitate workshops and information sessions
– Link you to services and resources in the community
– Attend school transition IEP meetings by request
– Job Club and employment workshops for job seekers
– Job development supports
– Individual appointments are available

We can also assist employers!


YWCA Metro Vancouver

YWCA Metro Vancouver
Address: 535 Hornby Street, Vancouver BC V6C 2E8
Phone: 604 895 5800
Fax: 604 684 9171
Web Site:

Help for job seekers:

Find your dream job, explore a new career, get professional advice and start planning for your future. At the YWCA, we offer a range of employment services and programs for job seekers across Metro Vancouver. Let our trained YWCA career advisors connect you to the services and support you need to start and succeed in your job search.


Serving the North Shore
North Shore WorkBC Employment Services Centre
Address: 106 – 980 1st St W, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3N4
Phone: 604 988 3766



Avia Employment Services

Address: Surrey201 – 7337 137th Street
V3W 1A4 Surrey, BC
Avia Employment Services:
Phone: 778 728 0175
Fax: 778 728 0201

Avia Employment Services helps job seekers find work, and helps employers meet their recruitment needs. Serving Coquitlam, Langley, Port Coquitlam, Richmond and Newton, the program is funded by the BC government’s WorkBC initiative. We are the second largest employment service provider in British Columbia.


HOpe Cafe

Address: 1337 St. Andrews Avenue
North Vancouver, BC V7L 3L4
Located on the ground floor of the HOpe Centre at Lions Gate Hospital
Phone: 604-984-5000 ext. 5116

Located in the HOpe Centre at Lions Gate Hospital, HOpe Café is a social enterprise that employs people with lived experience of mental illness. Our mission is to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for our employees and the community.
HOpe Café helps people on their path to recovery build skills, work experience, and self-confidence in a supportive work environment. The café also helps build a sense of community while breaking down stigma around mental illness.


Work BC Employment Services Centre North Shore

Address: UNIT 106, 980 West 1st
North Vancouver, BC, V7P 3N4
Phone:(604) 988-3766 ext. 234

Serving the North Shore
North Shore WorkBC Employment Services Centre:


– Career planning
– Job search workshops
– One to one resume and career advising
– Paid short and long term training
– Employer connections and wage subsidies
– Funding and training
– Self-employment planning
– Internet, phone, photocopying


Don’t Sweat It Services

Address: posAbilities – Suite 240-4664 Lougheed Hwy
Burnaby, BC, V5C 5T5
Email: on Webpage

Don’t Sweat It Services was created to remove barriers to employment and offers a more flexible approach to paid work. The enterprise provides maintenance, gardening and recycling services to home and business customers. Areas covered Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, and New Westminster.


Back In Motion

Address: 300 – 5450 152nd Street
Surrey, BC V3S 5J9
Phone: 604 575 7745
Toll-free: 1 877 575 2262
Fax: 604 575 7746

Back in Motion’s Employment Services addresses both sides of employment-related challenges: the client searching for meaningful and sustainable employment; and the labour shortage experienced by BC employers.
Avia Employment Services
Canada-BC Job Grant
Career Paths For Skilled Immigrants
Customized Employment
Job Search Support Services


JustWork Economic Initiative

Address: Grandview Calvary Baptist Church
1803 East 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5N 1B2
Phone: 604.734.2104

JustWork Economic Initiative is a registered non-profit organization that offers dignified, meaningful employment to people who face barriers to work in the traditional workforce.


Single Parent Employment Initiative

Supported by WorkBC Services Centre North Vancouver
Address: 106-980 West 1st Street, North Vancouver, BC
Phone: Call toll-free 1 866 866-0800
Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD) – Vancouver: 604 775-0303, Elsewhere in B.C.: 1 800 661-8773

If you are a single parent receiving income or disability assistance, you may be eligible for training and support to secure a long-term job through the Single Parent Employment Initiative. Find out if you qualify for:

– Up to 12 months of funded training or paid work experience

– Continued income or disability assistance while in training

– Child care costs covered during your training or work placement and for the first year of employment

– Transit costs to and from school

– WorkBC Employment Services Centre supports, including workshops on resume writing, interview and work preparation

– Health supplement coverage for a full year after you leave income assistance for employment. This includes dental, optical and premium–free Medical Services Plan and Pharmacare programs

– Exemptions for bursaries, grants and scholarships when you are in an approved training program


Spectrum Society for Community Living

Adress: 3231 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5R 5K3

Spectrum is a community organization that supports people with disabilities to lead their own lives. At Spectrum we encourage people to express themselves, build personal networks and find their voice.

Spectrum Society will support employment as a first option for those who want to work, with 50% of individuals in our community inclusion services having documented employment plans by 2017. Karen Lai is our primary employment specialist, acting as a resource to managers and teams who support people interested in employment.


Strive Centre Footprints & Pinetree

Address: 100-455 Mountain Highway
North Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-936-9944

Strive Centre Footprints and Pinetree are programs which provide both community-based and home-based activities, including supports for adults with developmental disabilities. Individuals participate in social, recreational, vocational, and leisure activities within a supported environment. Program and activity schedules are created to reflect the needs, preferences, and goals of each individual.

The program operates out of Strive Centre Footprints in North Vancouver and Strive Centre Pinetree in Coquitlam, as well as from individuals’ homes across the Lower Mainland. The hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm.

Some of the programs offered include but are not limited to:
– Educational development
– Physical programs
– Social recreation & leisure
– Job readiness
– Therapeutic services
– Life skills training and support
– Volunteer and vocational opportunities


Open Door Group

Address: 300-30 East 6th Avenue,
Vancouver BC
Phone: 604-872-0770
Fax: 604-873-1758

Open Door Group organization is about people. From the clients and employers that we work with to the amazing people who work here, from our tireless community partners to our generous funders, we are dedicated to building genuine and collaborative relationships that support meaningful work for everyone.


The British Columbia Association of Professionals with Disabilities

Address: 714 Warder Place,
Victoria BC
Phone: 250-361-9697

The British Columbia Association of Professionals with Disabilities is a provincially incorporated non-profit dedicated to maximizing the inclusion, job retention, and advancement of current and future professionals with disabilities. Our non-profit is solely and permanently committed to meeting the complex and emerging concerns of professionals with disabilities. We are a cross-disabilities based organisation and are controlled by professionals with disabilities for professionals with disabilities.


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