Employers and Business

Neil Squire Society

Address: 400 – 3999 Henning Drive
Burnaby, BC V5C 6P9
T 604-473-9363
F 604-473-9364
Toll Free 1-877-673-4636
Email: info@neilsquire.ca
Website: www.neilsquire.ca

Western Regional Manager
Greg Pyc: gregp@neilsquire.ca

The Neil Squire Society helps their clients remove barriers so that they can live independent lives and become active members of the workplace and our society. Specializing in education and workplace empowerment, the Society has served over 30,000 people since 1984.
Employment Programs
Working Together: helps people with disabilities prepare for, obtain and maintain employment. This unique, comprehensive and participant centered program is designed to develop the skills required to help individuals achieve their employment goals.
Solutions for Employment: provides specialized case managed services for people with disabilities and injuries. Our range of services support job seekers find and maintain employment and improve employment readiness. *Offered at our Western Regional Office only.


Spinal Chord Injury (SCI) BC

Address: 780 S.W. Marine Drive,
Vancouver, B.C. V6P 5Y7
Email: info@sci-bc.ca
Tel: (604) 324-3611 Fax: (604) 326-1229 Toll-Free: 1-877-324-3611

The Spinal Chord Injury (SCI) BC Job Board
Website: https://accessibleemploymentbc.ca/

Spinal Chord Injury (SCI) BC offers a free employment database. As an employer you are able to submit, relist, view and remove your job listings. As a job seeker, you are able to post your resume for potential employers to view, and set up alerts to be notified when positions in your interest areas become available.


Assistive Technology BC

Address: #108 – 1750 W. 75th Avenue
Vancouver, BC Canada V6P 6G2
Phone: (604) 264-8295
Fax/TTY: (604) 263-2267
Email: info@at-bc.ca
Website: www.at-bc.ca

Assistive Technology BC (ATBC) provides assistive technology resources to make learning and working environment usable for people with disabilities throughout British Columbia.
In collaboration with persons with disabilities, post-secondary institutions, employers, community organizations, and our funding partners, ATBC offers a wide range of individualized, centrally coordinated technology services including assessments, assistive equipment, training, and consultation to enable persons with disabilities to achieve their educational and employment goals.
Assistive Technologies include Speech Recognition, Audio Recording, Concept Mapping, Text to Speech, Screen Readers / Magnifiers, and Operating Systems.


Transition & Employment Program, North Shore Disability Resource Centre

Address: 3158 Mountain Hwy,
North Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-985-5371
Transition & Employment Facilitator (Glenda): 604-904-4075
Email: g.kopperson@nsdrc.org
Website: www.nsdrc.org

The Transition & Employment program assists young people with disabilities, aged 15+ and their families to navigate the transition from child to adult services, and supports toward employment.
How we can help…
– Assist youth with disabilities to transition into the government services system
– Develop a transition plan for your future
– Provide information regarding transition and employment
– Facilitate workshops and information sessions
– Link you to services and resources in the community
– Attend school transition IEP meetings by request
– Job Club and employment workshops for job seekers
– Job development supports
– Individual appointments are available

We can also assist employers!


CASE: Canadian Association for Supported Employment

BC Contact: President | Annette Borrows
Email: annette.borrows@southfraser.com
Website: http://www.supportedemployment.ca/contact/

The Canadian Association for Supported Employment is a national association of community-based service providers and stakeholders working towards the Employment Inclusion of people with disabilities. This association strives to promote full citizenship and personal capacity for persons with disabilities through the facilitation of increased labour market participation and outcomes. Through such workforce participation, CASE also promotes social inclusion for Canadians with disabilities.

Resources for BC include:

Family Works BC,
Community Living BC,
The Provincial Networking Group Inc.,
Work BC,
Inclusion BC

Link: http://www.supportedemployment.ca/resources/


Douglas College – Vocational Education and Skills Training

Address: 700 Royal Ave, New Westminster, BC V3M 5Z5
Phone: 604 527 5126
Email: vest@douglascollege.ca.
Website: https://www.douglascollege.ca/programs-courses/faculties/child-family-community-studies/vocational-education-and-skills-training

Douglas College offers Vocational Education and Skills Training (VEST) programs to people with disabilities or barriers to education and employment. Programs help students identify career paths, develop work skills, or move on to additional education or employment.

Graduates of our programs have obtained employment in a wide range of fields including: retail and wholesale, distribution and warehousing, assembly, food services, customer service, hospitality and tourism.

Career Preparation

These two programs help students explore what type of work they may do in the future:
Career and Employment Preparation (CAEP)
Transitions Program

Skills Training

These four programs train students in skills specific to one of the following areas:
Basic Occupational Education (BOE)
Customer Service and Cashier Training (CSCT)
Warehouse Training (WHTP)
604-527-JOBS (5627)

For more information, contact us by phone at 604 527 5126 or by e-mail at vest@douglascollege.ca.

Useful Resources
Douglas College Application (PDF)


BC Human Rights Tribunal

Address: 1170 – 605 Robson Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 5J3
Phone: 604 775-2000 or toll free (in B.C.): 1 888 440-8844
Fax: 604 775-2020
TTY: 604 775-2021
Email: BCHumanRightsTribunal@gov.bc.ca
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Website: http://www.bchrt.bc.ca/index.htm

The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal is an independent, quasi-judicial body created by the B.C. Human Rights Code. The Tribunal is responsible for accepting, screening, mediating, and adjudicating human rights complaints.

Personal Characteristics Protected in the BC Human Rights Code Includes

Mental Disability

Mental disability includes mental conditions that affect or are seen as affecting a person’s abilities. For example, it is discrimination to fire an employee based on a concern that they are at risk of developing a disability that might affect their abilities.

Mental disability includes such conditions as a learning disorder, developmental disability, or illness such as depression or bipolar disorder.

Physical Disability

Physical disability includes physical conditions that affect or are seen as affecting a person’s abilities. For example, it is discrimination to fire an employee based on a concern that they are at risk of developing a disability that might affect their abilities.

Physical disability includes conditions that impair a person’s ability to carry out the normal functions of life. It includes addiction, amputation, asthma, acne, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, high blood pressure, hypertension, obesity and impairments to hearing, speech, vision and mobility. It does not include short-lived conditions such as a cold.

The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal is an independent, quasi-judicial body created by the B.C. Human Rights Code. The Tribunal is responsible for accepting, screening, mediating, and adjudicating human rights complaints.


Ministry for Social Development and Social Innovation

Address: 4b7, 2350 Commercial Dr,
Vancouver, BC V5N 4B7
Telephone: 1 866-866-0800
Email: SDSI.minister@gov.bc.ca
Website: http://www.gov.bc.ca/sdsi/
Work BC Website: http://www.hsd.gov.bc.ca/programs/epbc/index.htm

Work BC provides:
– Jobs and career searching,
– Job training and education,
– Job resources for employers and employees.


YWCA Metro Vancouver

YWCA Metro Vancouver
Address: 535 Hornby Street, Vancouver BC V6C 2E8
Phone: 604 895 5800
Fax: 604 684 9171
Email: enquire@ywcavan.org
Web Site: http://www.ywcajobseeker.org

Help for job seekers:

Find your dream job, explore a new career, get professional advice and start planning for your future. At the YWCA, we offer a range of employment services and programs for job seekers across Metro Vancouver. Let our trained YWCA career advisors connect you to the services and support you need to start and succeed in your job search.


Serving the North Shore
North Shore WorkBC Employment Services Centre
Address: 106 – 980 1st St W, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3N4
Phone: 604 988 3766
Email: workbcnorthshore@ywcavan.org



Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

Address: 5623 Imperial St,
Burnaby BC V5J 1G1
Phone: 604-439-7947
National Email: info@ccrw.org
Website BC: http://www.ccrw.org/about-us/where-are-you-located/british-columbia/

Help you find a job. Help you find a qualified employee.

In Metro Vancouver area: CCRW Partners serves job seekers with disabilities and employers in Metro Vancouver region.

Post a Job. Post a Resume. WORKink®is CCRW’s online employment portal for Canadians with disabilities.

Skills Training Partnership (STP)®: a unique project designed to assist employers in developing training projects that prepare qualified job seekers with disabilities for employment.

Help for employers

Job Accommodation Service (JAS)®: a for-fee program that works with employers to identify then provide tools and strategies to accommodate employees with disabilities to work to their full potential.


PosAbilities Employment Services

Address: #307 – 3680 E. Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V5K 2A9
Phone: 604-291-1902
Fax: 604-299-0329
Email: employment@posAbilities.ca
Website: http://pesworks.ca/

posAbilities Employment Service assists job seekers to prepare for, secure and maintain competitive, community based employment in both the Tri-Cites and Vancouver areas. New to Employment Service is a fee for service being offered throughout Metro Vancouver to assist persons with developmental disabilities to find competitive employment in their community.


Service Canada

Address: 221 Esplanade West, Office 100
North Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: Direct phone lines on Webpage
Website: http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/cgi-bin/sc-dsp.cgi?rc=5911&ln=eng#pa

Resource Provided:

Employers and Organizations

◦Funding Programs
◦Hiring Foreign Workers
◦Labour Market Information
◦Record of Employment


◦Canadian Forces Recruitment Awareness
◦Employment Insurance Fishing Benefits
◦Employment Insurance Regular Benefits
◦Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits
◦Royal Canadian Mounted Police Recruitment Awareness

People with Disabilities

◦Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits


Spinal Cord Injury BC

Address: 780 South West Marine Drive
Vancouver V6E 4A4
Phone: 604-324-3611
Email: info@sci-bc.ca
Website: http://sci-bc.ca/

Formerly known as the BC Paraplegic Association, Spinal Cord Injury BC (SCI BC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping people with spinal cord injuries, and related disabilities, adjust, adapt and thrive.

Whether someone needs help finding accessible housing, meaningful employment, special equipment and any other resources about living with a physical disability in BC, we’re here to help.


Avia Employment Services

Address: Surrey201 – 7337 137th Street
V3W 1A4 Surrey, BC
Avia Employment Services:
Phone: 778 728 0175
Fax: 778 728 0201
Website: http://www.backinmotion.com/employment-services/avia-employment-services

Avia Employment Services helps job seekers find work, and helps employers meet their recruitment needs. Serving Coquitlam, Langley, Port Coquitlam, Richmond and Newton, the program is funded by the BC government’s WorkBC initiative. We are the second largest employment service provider in British Columbia.


Work BC Employment Services Centre North Shore

Address: UNIT 106, 980 West 1st
North Vancouver, BC, V7P 3N4
Phone:(604) 988-3766 ext. 234
Email: escnorthshore@ywcavan.org
Website: https://www.workbc.ca/WorkBC-Centres/Mainland-Southwest/North-Vancouver.aspx

Serving the North Shore
North Shore WorkBC Employment Services Centre:


– Career planning
– Job search workshops
– One to one resume and career advising
– Paid short and long term training
– Employer connections and wage subsidies
– Funding and training
– Self-employment planning
– Internet, phone, photocopying


Don’t Sweat It Services

Address: posAbilities – Suite 240-4664 Lougheed Hwy
Burnaby, BC, V5C 5T5
Email: on Webpage
Website: https://www.dontsweatitservices.com/

Don’t Sweat It Services was created to remove barriers to employment and offers a more flexible approach to paid work. The enterprise provides maintenance, gardening and recycling services to home and business customers. Areas covered Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, and New Westminster.


Back In Motion

Address: 300 – 5450 152nd Street
Surrey, BC V3S 5J9
Phone: 604 575 7745
Toll-free: 1 877 575 2262
Fax: 604 575 7746
Website: www.backinmotion.com/employment-services

Back in Motion’s Employment Services addresses both sides of employment-related challenges: the client searching for meaningful and sustainable employment; and the labour shortage experienced by BC employers.
Avia Employment Services
Canada-BC Job Grant
Career Paths For Skilled Immigrants
Customized Employment
Job Search Support Services


Open Door Group

Address: 300-30 East 6th Avenue,
Vancouver BC
Phone: 604-872-0770
Fax: 604-873-1758
Website: https://www.opendoorgroup.org/

Open Door Group organization is about people. From the clients and employers that we work with to the amazing people who work here, from our tireless community partners to our generous funders, we are dedicated to building genuine and collaborative relationships that support meaningful work for everyone.


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