Life Skills

Adult Life Skills Program, North Shore Disability Resource Centre

3158 Mountain Highway 
North Vancouver  V7K 2H5
Tel: 604-985-5371
Fax: 604-985-7594

Provides a life skills training program for adults with disabilities that is offered either in individual’s homes or in the community.

* Referral by CLBC * Referrals from individuals and other agencies accepted *


Capilano University: Access Work Experience Programs

Address: 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3H5
Birch Building, Room 344
Phone: 604-984-1711
Email: or

This certificate program helps students learn skills to succeed in their future education and/or vocational goals. Students will finish with a personal portfolio, educational and employment-related certifications, strategies for success in first year courses, and current work experience in a sector related to their vocational interests.


Harvest Project

Address: 1073 Roosevelt Crescent
North Vancouver, BC V7P 1M4
Phone: 604-983-9488

For more than 23 years, Harvest Project has been reaching out to those who are experiencing extreme challenges with family break-downs, illness, job loss, and poverty. As a social enterprise, our programs provide individual client-coaching and active-listening, provision of food, clothing supports, assistance for workforce re-entry, food-recovery and redistribution, and our retail Clothes For Change Thrift Boutique.


Community Living Society (CLS)

Community Living Society (CLS)
260 West Esplanade
North Vancouver, BC V7M 3G7
Phone: 604-988-7682
The Community Living Society (CLS) is a not-for-profit social benefit organization that has been providing individualized, flexible and creative supports to people with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries for more than thirty years.

Our CLS support team acts as a bridge for people with disability to make new friends, learn the skills needed to get meaningful work, live more independently and achieve personal goals.


Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

Address: North and West Vancouver Branch
Suite 300 – 1835 Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver, BC V7M 2J8
Phone: 604-987-6959
Fax: 604-980-0336

The Canadian Mental Health Association provides mental health promotion and mental illness recovery-focused programs and services for people of all ages and their families. They provide services in areas of counselling, youth, campus, employment, housing, workplace, and community training.


Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Centre – GF Strong

4255 Laurel Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2G9
The ALS Centre is located in the basement.
Phone: (604) 737-6320
Fax: (604) 737-6234

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Centre is a provincial resource that provides ongoing assessment, intervention, consultation and educational servcies to people with amyotrophic lateral scleroris (ALS) in British Columbia.
Our provincial outreach team also provides caregiver education and consultation by phone and video conferencing to caregivers and health care professionals across British Columbia.

We have an established working partnership with the ALS Society of BC, local community health teams, the Provincial Respiratory Outreach Program and Technology for Independent Living. We offer clinic assessments, in home assessments and mobile outreach clinics.


Vinge Community Living

Address: 416-4538 Kingsway Burnaby, BC V5H 4T9
Phone: +1(604)-689-3855 ext. 401
Fax: +1(604)-689-3864
Director of Community Living Services

Vinge Community Living Services provides specialized Residential, Day Program and Respite services for individuals with developmental disabilities and complex physical and/or mental health issues and for individuals with complex physical health issues. In addition, we also provide behavioural supports within two of our residential programs and day programs.


BC Association for Individualized Technology and Supports for People with Disabilities (BCITS)

Address: #103 – 366 East Kent Avenue South
Vancouver BC V5X 4N6
Phone: Local- 604-326-0175 Long Distance 1-604-326-0176

Through collaboration, BCITS develops and provides client centred technological solutions and supports to optimize independence.

BCITS Provides:

PROP program: PROP is dedicated to people who need home ventilation.
TIL Program: We provide Environmental Control Systems (ECS) that assist people with high level physical disabilities to control devices in their homes and on the go.

Other Programs:
Peer Support
Planning independent living
Order Supplies
Self-help resources


Douglas College-Adult Special Education and Disabled Student Services

700 Royal Avenue
New Westminster  V7J 3H5
Tel: 604-527-5120
Fax: 604-527-5095
TTY: 604-527-5450

Provides instruction and support to people with disabilities.  Funding may be available to students with disabilities.  Complete calendar of services available from the college and on their website.

Consumer and Job Preparation (CJP) Designed for students with intellectual disabilities who want to learn the personal, social, and work skills needed to get and keep a job and to use community services.

Basic Occupational Education (BOE) Provides vocational training to students who have special learning needs and/or other barriers to employment.  The program objective is to prepare students for employment in three industry sectors:  Food services, Electronic and General Assembly, and Retail and Business Services.

Career and Employment Preparation (CAEP) This 14-week full-time program is designed to assist people with barriers to employment. Components include researching the job market and identifying the skills required for a new occupation. Students also learn practical stress and time-management techniques as well as effective communication and study and note-taking skills.

Transitions Program Designed for students Grade 12 and over with special needs and learning difficulties wanting to make successful exits from secondary school into training or workplace situations. Students are introduced to post-secondary opportunities, examine future training possibilities, and address the steps/skills required to obtain more education and/or entry into the work force.

Customer Service and Cashier Training (CSCT) The Customer Service and Cashier Training Program offers vocational training for adults with employment barriers. Training focuses on classroom, lab, and practicum components which prepare students to work in customer service, hospitality, merchandising, and cashiering, positions. It also provides students with the opportunity to expand on industry-specific knowledge and skills.

Light Warehouse Training Light Warehouse and Distribution Centres are constantly seeking employees who are trained and ready to work in the industry. In this course students will learn how warehouses operate and have the opportunity to obtain the following certificates: Forklift Operators Certificate; WHMIS; First Aid and Occupational Health and Safety.

604-527-JOBS 604-527-JOBS facilitates the transition to employment for graduates from Douglas College ASE programs. The interests of both employers and graduates are taken into consideration in the matching of the most suitable candidate to the appropriate position.


North Shore ConneXions Society

Adress: 1070 Roosevelt Crescent
North Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-984-9321
Fax: 604-984-9882

The North Shore ConneXions Society supports families and serves children and adults living with intellectual disabilities.

Services we provide for you as a job-seeker:
We will help you to find and keep a job in the community.
We will meet with you a number of times to get to know you and your skills and aptitude for work. This information helps guide the job search and negotiations for a paid job. Finding employment can take a long time, so to be successful you will need a mixture of motivation and patience! Once you are offered a job, we come with you to the work site. We will help you to master the tasks and to get comfortable with your new co-workers. We then begin to fade away gradually as you become more independent!

For more information, please contact Devon Bruce, Program Manager at 604.984.9321 or

Day Programs

Participants need a referral from the North Shore office of Community Living BC (CLBC) in order to access our Day Programs. ConneXions offers a wide variety of Day Programs. The interests and needs of the individuals we support are the foundation of every program and service that we offer. All of our services are collaborative, flexible, client-centered and highly accountable. Our ongoing commitment is to meet the individual and evolving needs of each participant.

Amongst the vast opportunities offered through our Day Programs are vocational and employment training, recreation, education and leisure activities. Also included in our Day Programs is our Social Enterprise Program.


This program provides life skills to individuals with developmental disabilities through two types of supports:

Community-Based Lifeskills

The majority of individuals in Community Based Lifeskills live at home and receive targeted, time-limited supports in areas that will assist future independent living. Some examples of supports are: learning how to use transit, budgeting, how to use local recreation and community facilities, grocery shopping and menu planning/cooking.

Residential Outreach Lifeskills

We work with families to serve individuals who live independently in the community. We typically assist with the following; bill payment and money management, grocery shopping, food storage and meal preparation, home maintenance skills, personal and community safety, and selected medical/dental appointment assistance.

Individuals need a referral from Community Living BC (CLBC) in order to access the Lifeskills program.

For more information about Lifeskills, please contact the Program Manager, Elizabeth Roach –


Community Living Society (CLS)

Address: # 490 – 6400 Roberts St.
Burnaby  V5G 4C9
Tel: 604-451-8699
Fax: 604-451-5708
TTY: 604-451-5748 Ext 371
The Waterfront Opportunity Centre
Vocational Service Centre:
260 West Esplanade
Tel: 604-988-7682
Fax: 604-451-5708
North Vancouver  V7M 3G7

Community based day program for a wide variety of people with disabilities.  Provides a broad range of recreational, leisure, and social activities. Also provides musical therapy, volunteer and work experiences.


Strive Living

Address: #500 – 4370 Dominion Street
Burnaby, BC
Phone: 604-936-9944
Fax: 604-936-9003

Strive’s Supported Employment Services (SES) is a customized employment program that operates out of the Strive Centre in Vancouver. SES is for individuals with disabilities who require assistance to acquire and maintain paid employment.
The SES model provides skill development and job training, with built in support to ensure success and work readiness.
With all of our applications, we emphasize hard work, a willingness to learn, and the ability to work positively with others.

SES Offers the following services:

• Individualized employment plan and goals
• On site job coaching and case management support
• Skill development
• Paid employment
• Employment placements
• Practicum placements
• Safety training
• Equipment training
• Workshops
• Adapted work environments
• Administrative training



Address: #240-4664 Lougheed Highway
Burnaby, BC
Phone: 604-299-4001
Fax: 604-299-0329

PosAbilities assist persons with developmental disabilities to lead meaningful and healthy lives by partnering with the community to provide a comprehensive range of person-centred services for individuals and the families who care for them. PosAbilities offers a menu of services – Click Here…


Community Integration Services Society

North Vancouver Office
Address: Suite 104 277 Mountain Highway
North Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604 986 1511
Fax: 604 986 4455

Community Integration Services Society offers a wide range of day program services for adults living with disabilities. We aim to maximize the independence of each of our consumers by developing programs that include various levels of life skills training, education, community involvement, and social activities.

Programs for North Vancouver

Individual Day Services on the North Shore
Leisure Services at North Vancouver


North Shore Community Resource Society (NSCRS)

Address: Suite 201-935 Marine Driver,
North Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-985-7138
Fax: 604-985-0645

North Shore Community Resource Society’s mandate is to promote a healthy, strong and connected community by serving residents and organizations on the North Shore which comprises the District of North Vancouver, City of North Vancouver, District of West Vancouver, Bowen Island and Lions Bay. NSCR pursues its mandate by providing a broad spectrum of resources and services to residents of North Shore municipalities with programing for families and children, seniors, information and referral, volunteer connections, legal information and advocacy, and more.

NSCR has a multi-service agency with the following programs:

Seniors’ One Stop
Volunteer North Shore
North Shore Legal Information and Advocacy
Caregiver Support
Better at Home Program
Child Care Resource


Family Support Institute

Address: 227 6th Street
New Westminster, BC
Phone: (604) 540-8374 ext. 523
Toll Free: 1-800-441-5403
Fax: (604) 540-9374

The purpose of the Family Support Institute of BC is to strengthen, connect and build communities and resources with families of people with disabilities in BC. We believe that families are the best resource available to support one another. Directed by families, the Family Support Institute provides information, training, and province-wide networking to assist families and their communities to build upon and share their strengths.


Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)

Address: 5055 Joyce Street Suite 200
Vancouver, BC V5R 6B2
phone: Local (604) 431-2121
Phone: Main 1-800-563-2642

Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) work with people of all ages in their own homes, communities or local CNIB offices – providing a wide range of programs and services Canadians need to see beyond vision loss, build their independence and lead the lives they want.

Services include:
Vision Loss Rehabilitation BC: rehabilitation therapy for people with vision loss.

– Registration and Referral
– Emotional and wellness support
– Assistive technology
– CNIB Sight Solutions BC
– Shop CNIB
– Child and family services


Community Living BC (CLBC)

Adult Services for Community Living
North Shore/Howe Sound Office
Address: #210–1200 Lynn Valley Road
North Vancouver
Phone: 604-981-0321
General Enquiries:

CLBC funds support and services to help adults with developmental disabilities and their families achieve their goals and live the life they want. CLBC funded supports are delivered through service agencies and help eligible adults meet their disability related needs and participate in meaningful ways in the community.CLBC funded supports can include community inclusion supports that focus on employment, social and life skills.


Down Syndrome Research Foundation

Address: 1409 Sperling Avenue,
Burnaby BC
Phone: 1 604 444 3773
Toll-Free: 1-888-464-DSRF
Fax: +1 604 431 9248

The Down Syndrome Research Foundation believes that education and optimum health care will provide an improved quality of life for people with Down syndrome. Our innovative programs and services provide a firm foundation for life long learning.

Programs information on our educational programs for individuals with Down syndrome across the lifespan. – Click Here…


STAGE (Supportive Transition Adult Group Education)

Phone: 604 984 6568
When: Monday to Thursday 9am – 4pm, Friday 9am – 1pm
Who: 18 – 24 yrs

STAGE is a transition service for young adults that facilitates growth and independence in educational, vocational and social skills after completing high school.

This program is designed for individuals with disabilities who want to improve academic, work and life skills and will transition out of the service within 1-4 years to access other educational or employment related services and opportunities. This service is best suited to those who wish to further their independence through community-based activities and do not require one to one assistance.

To apply to the STAGE Program you must first call Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) at 604.981.0321 and speak to a Facilitator. The Facilitator will assist you with developing a plan and if appropriate will make a referral to the program on your behalf.

View the STAGE Handbook (PDF).


Opportunities Fund Program

Address: Funded by BC Centre for Ability – 2805 Kingsway
Vancouver BC V5R 5H9
Phone: (604) 451-5511
Fax: (604) 451-5651
E-mail: on webpage

How to Apply
Referral process
Referrals to the Opportunities Fund Program are only received from Case Managers.

About the Opportunities Fund Program
The Opportunities Fund Program is a financial assistance program designed to assist persons with a disability obtain employment through:
– funding for training
– wage subsidy BC Centre for Ability office
– funding for adaptive equipment
– self-employment training


Sexual Health Rehabilitation Service

Address: 4255 Laurel Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2G9
Phone: 604.737.6291
Fax: 604.730.7904

Sexual Health Rehabilitation Service- GF Strong Rehab Centre provides a tertiary service composed of five Sexual Health Clinicians and a Sexual Medicine Doctor, who have been specifically trained in the field of sexual health, disability and rehabilitation.


GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre

Address: 4255 Laurel Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2G9
Phone: (604) 734-1313 – Main centre
(604) 737-6291 – Referral intake office
Fax: (604) 730-7904

GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre is British Columbia’s largest rehabilitation centre. As a freestanding facility with 68 rehabilitation beds, GF Strong provides inpatient and outpatient outreach and clinical support services to clients.

Please click on the “Access Services” blue tab on the webpage to see a full list of GF Strong programs and services.


JustWork Economic Initiative

Address: Grandview Calvary Baptist Church
1803 East 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5N 1B2
Phone: 604.734.2104

JustWork Economic Initiative is a registered non-profit organization that offers dignified, meaningful employment to people who face barriers to work in the traditional workforce.


Single Parent Employment Initiative

Supported by WorkBC Services Centre North Vancouver
Address: 106-980 West 1st Street, North Vancouver, BC
Phone: Call toll-free 1 866 866-0800
Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD) – Vancouver: 604 775-0303, Elsewhere in B.C.: 1 800 661-8773

If you are a single parent receiving income or disability assistance, you may be eligible for training and support to secure a long-term job through the Single Parent Employment Initiative. Find out if you qualify for:

– Up to 12 months of funded training or paid work experience

– Continued income or disability assistance while in training

– Child care costs covered during your training or work placement and for the first year of employment

– Transit costs to and from school

– WorkBC Employment Services Centre supports, including workshops on resume writing, interview and work preparation

– Health supplement coverage for a full year after you leave income assistance for employment. This includes dental, optical and premium–free Medical Services Plan and Pharmacare programs

– Exemptions for bursaries, grants and scholarships when you are in an approved training program


Spectrum Society for Community Living

Adress: 3231 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5R 5K3

Spectrum is a community organization that supports people with disabilities to lead their own lives. At Spectrum we encourage people to express themselves, build personal networks and find their voice.

Spectrum Society will support employment as a first option for those who want to work, with 50% of individuals in our community inclusion services having documented employment plans by 2017. Karen Lai is our primary employment specialist, acting as a resource to managers and teams who support people interested in employment.


Amici Curiae CV

Phone: 778 5222 839

Powered by paralegals and assisted by the legal community, Amici CuriaeFriendship Society helps British Columbians prepare their legal forms for free.


Accessing the legal system independently is a challenge for ordinary British Columbians. Most people do not know how to properly prepare their own legal forms for a court or a tribunal matter, yet more are resolving legal matters on their own.

Amici Curiae is a non-profit society offering workshops that help the public complete the legal forms necessary to present a matter to court or a tribunal. No legal advice is given. The public service paralegal programme was launched by Dom Bautista, Executive Director of Law Courts Center, a continuing professional development provider, encouraged by then Supreme Court of BC Chief Justice Donald Brenner. The first workshop was held in February 8, 2011, in partnership with Access Pro Bono BC and the Ministry of the Attorney General Justice Access Centre (Vancouver). Since then, workshops have been established through a network of strategic partnerships.


Real Talk – Sexual Health Support

Address: Events happen in and around the Lower Mainland area
Event Page:
Questions or feedback:

Real Talk creates a safe space to have honest conversations about dating, love, relationships and sex for everyone. We are a sexual health initiative aimed at people with cognitive disabilities and their supporters. We host educational/social events where people can have open, honest conversations about dating, love, relationships, and sex.


Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society

Address: 336 Columbia St,
New Westminster, BC
Phone: 604 528 0560

Friend 2 Friend’s mission is to enhance reciprocal social interaction, communication, imaginative play and friendships between individuals on the autism spectrum and their typically developing peers.

Programs Include:
– The Puppet Program
– The Simulation Game Program


Strive Centre Footprints & Pinetree

Address: 100-455 Mountain Highway
North Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-936-9944

Strive Centre Footprints and Pinetree are programs which provide both community-based and home-based activities, including supports for adults with developmental disabilities. Individuals participate in social, recreational, vocational, and leisure activities within a supported environment. Program and activity schedules are created to reflect the needs, preferences, and goals of each individual.

The program operates out of Strive Centre Footprints in North Vancouver and Strive Centre Pinetree in Coquitlam, as well as from individuals’ homes across the Lower Mainland. The hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm.

Some of the programs offered include but are not limited to:
– Educational development
– Physical programs
– Social recreation & leisure
– Job readiness
– Therapeutic services
– Life skills training and support
– Volunteer and vocational opportunities


Power To Be

Address: 182 Pemberton Avenue
North Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-971-5052

Power To Be inspires youth and families in need of support to discover their limitless abilities through nature-based programs.


BC Lions Society

Vancouver Office –
Address: 3981 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-873-1865
Fax: 604-873-0166

BC Lions Society is inspiring communities across BC and Yukon to support and enable access for individuals with diverse abilities. Easter Seals offers a variety of programs and services to support the needs of individuals with diverse abilities.

Courage. Confidence. Skills.

BC Lions Society believes that giving individuals with diverse abilities a place to celebrate their abilities, try new things, make friends and have fun is important to build their courage, confidence and skills. We help people improve physical mobility, house out-of-town guests needing a place to stay while in Vancouver for medical appointments and give kids with a disability a chance to be themselves and have fun. At camp, through games, sports, crafts and adventures, children are enabled and inspired. Confidence is built. Life-long friendships are formed. Skills are developed. Lives are changed and disability becomes ABILITY.


BC Easter Seals Camp

Vancouver Office –
Address: 3981 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-873-1865
Fax: 604-873-0166
Registration Page:

BC Easter Seals summer camp tradition for 50 years, Easter Seals BC/Yukon offers one of the best nature-based, outdoor summer camps for children and young adults with disabilities. It’s a place where campers can explore and develop their abilities in a safe, warm, fun and supportive environment.


First Nations Education Steering Committee

Special Education –
Phone: 1-855-250-5083

The First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) was founded in 1992 by participants at a provincial First Nations education conference at the Vancouver Friendship Centre. That visionary group of people determined the need for a First Nations-controlled collective organization focused on advancing quality education for all First Nations learners, and they set out FNESC’s commitment to supporting First Nations in their efforts to improve the success of all First Nations students in BC.

Special Education Page: Click Here…
The Special Education Program works to support First Nations schools to provide students high-quality, inclusive education services. FNESC and the FNSA are also active in research and in policy discussions with the federal government to continue special education support to First Nations schools.


Learning Disabilities Association

Address: 3292 East Broadway,
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 60-873-8139
Fax: 604-873-8140

The Learning Disabilities Society (formerly, the Learning Disabilities Association Vancouver) is a non-profit with a mission to empower every child and adolescent in Vancouver with a Learning Disability to achieve life-long success and happiness. In partnership with the University of British Columbia, LDS provides research-based instruction to children who struggle in school. Our specialized interventionists offer individualized and professional support that teaches children to leverage their learning strengths in order to overcome their learning challenges. Within 2 to 3 years, our programs teach children to be independent in the school system.


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