Poster Contest

Show us the Barriers you face…that was the theme of the 2018 NSDRC Poster Competition. We invited all program participants to enter, and encouraged participants focus on barriers and how they get past them.

The Hard-Working Judges this year were Stacey Francis, Glenda Kopperson and Lauren Stinson.
As usual, The judges took a long time to decide on the winner – each poster entry was so great making it was hard to decide!

Our Winner of the Annual General Report Poster Competition 2018 is KAYLA!

Congratulations Kayla!

Kayla will receive a gift and her poster will be published as the cover of our Annual General Meeting Report.

Congratulations Kayla,and thanks so much to all who entered. The original posters will be on exhibit at our Annual General Meeting (Tuesday, September 18, 5:00 PM at the Lynn Valley United Church, 3201 Mountain Highway, North Vancouver), and throughout the year at NSDRC’s offices.


This year the entrants had a chance to also be chosen as the poster artwork for the Snapping Barriers art show, which happened in June. GEORGE’s painting was chosen and featured on the poster.

Snapping Barriers Poster featuring george's art

"Breaking Through" - Rainbow Circle by George

Here are all the Great Entries:

By Mason:
Team Work by Mason - Two people playing in front of a net

By John:
By John - abstract brush strokes in red green and black

By Sangeon:
Barriers by Sangeon - Sad face over a fence

By Brendan:
By Brendon - two friends eating fast food

By Brandon:
By Brandon - Boy in a wheelchair playing basketball

By Ryan:
By Ryan - 3 people and their dog are happpy in the park, then the woman and one of the men leave with the dog. Making the other person sad

By Shemina:
By Shemina - Persion happily playing the piano

By: Ashley:
By: Ashley - Glowing bright dance slippers surrounded by darkness

By: Suriya:
By Suriya - Bright orange wheelchair user plays ball alone.

By: Melissa:
By Melissa - Microphone surrounded by music notes. Background is bright red and orange

By: Anonymous:
By Anonymous - A tree and a row of red flowers are separated by a fence

By: Joyce:
By: Joyce - Shapes of yellow, red, blue and green interacting together

By: John:
By John - A sun coming over the mountain. In the foreround a river cuts through a forest


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