Post Contest 2019 – The Five Senses

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The theme for this year’s NSDRC Poster Contest is “The Five Senses”
Entries focused one sense or a mixture of the five senses, vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch. The theme is in honour of the NSDRC Campaign to create Canada’s first mobile multi-sensory environment: a Mobile Snoezelen® Room.

We invited all program participants to enter, and encouraged participants to explore all of their different senses.

The Hard-Working Judges this year were Raven Mack (Administrative Assistant), Aoife Callaghan (Employment Specialist) and Kathy Nyoni (Acting Director of Community Based Services).
This was a wonderful showing of true artistry! All the entries captured the senses perfectly making it was hard to decide a winner!

Our Winner of the AGM Report Poster Competition 2019 is John Fong!

The judges appreciated that John’s piece captured a sense of sound / hearing. A difficult sense to display through a visual medium. – Brilliant artistry!

Congratulations John Fong!

Exploding circles of colour over lapping one another

Title: Fireworks Theme: Sight

John will receive a gift and his poster will be published as the cover of our Annual General Meeting Report.

Congratulations John and thanks so much to all who entered. The original posters will be on exhibit at our Annual General Meeting (Tuesday, September 17, 5:00 PM at the Lynn Valley United Church, 3201 Mountain Highway, North Vancouver), and throughout the year at NSDRC’s offices.


Here are all the Great Entries:

By: Brandon

A blur of vibrate colour. Eggshells and purple glitter fill its centre

Theme: All the Senses

By Brendan

Shinny ovals surrounding  a large shimmering circle in the middle. Little pieces of confetti cover the piece in a layer of texture

Theme: All the Senses

By: Dedra

Bubbles and Fireworks - A mixture of lines and circles

Title: Bubbles and Fireworks. Theme: Sight

By: Jordan

 Circles, squares, stars shapes on a bright red background

Title: Shapes. Theme: Sight

By: Kevin

Bright Orange and Reds Hand prints in green. Canvas dotted with colour

Title: Hand Print. Theme: Touch

By: Ryan
A flower sprouting from the earth. Beautiful  lush green leaves and pink pedals. Highlights of yellow. - String art

Theme: All the Senses

By: Shemina

A swirl of dried pedals and leaves. Bursts of pink, yellow and green

Theme: All the Senses

By: Suriya

Bright colours and shapes. Yellow hue background with green and red dots and splashes of colour

Title: Bright Colour, Shapes and Sights. Theme: Sight


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