Parents Meeting About Housing

Many of us struggle to find housing for our adult children with special needs. We worry that we won’t find a comfortable home or care model that meets their needs. With a shortage of funding for social and assisted living, we need to turn to each other and work together to find solutions. As with other times in their lives, our children need us to be resourceful, creative problem solvers. Let’s help them move towards being established in appropriate, independent living accommodations. I want to meet with parents, to work together to see what we can create and envision collectively. If you are interested in meeting, please get in touch with me.

Our first meeting will be held on at 630 Wednesday, January 23rd in the Community Living (CLBC) office at Suite 210, 1200 Lynn Valley Road in North Vancouver (office entrance is on Ross Road, next to the McDonald’s entrance). Linda Pinch, of CLBC, will be working in her office while we meet and is making herself available to us if we have any questions. Let’s collaborate to find solutions for our kids!

Please contact Cathy Abraham to register: or 604-980-3244.

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