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NSDRC Foundation logoThe NSDRC Foundation was created in 2005 for the purposes of cultivating resources and securing assets for the programs and services of the NSDRC Association.

The NSDRC Foundation received a Certificate of Incorporation on May 13, 2005 and was registered as a foundation on June 28, 2005.

Donations made to the NSDRC Foundation support the programs and services of the North Shore Disability Resource Centre Association, which serve people with disabilities of any age, their families, caregivers, and supports.

Donations to the NSDRC Foundation can be made securely online, and through the NSDRC office. Donations are gratefully accepted from individuals, families and corporations. Donations over $20.00 receive a tax receipt and can be one-time, monthly or left as a legacy. Donations of securities or mutual funds can also be made.

Should you have any questions, please contact Ross MacMillan at the North Shore Disability Resource Centre: 604-985-5371.
Donate: make a secure online donation at Canda Helps.org
Thank You! Your donation helps us build “A Community for All”.


The NSDRC Foundation’s Mission is to:
Create and facilitate partnerships that energize people and financial assets to achieve the NSDRC’s Mission of “Working for a Community for All”.NSDRC Foundation Vision: (April 2011)
Together we celebrate an inspired community that embraces an inclusive society.NSDRC Foundation Values: (November 2011)

Please call Liz Barnett at 604-985-5371 for more information


NSDRC Foundation Board

President and NSDRC Association Board Representative: Henry Tso; Treasurer and NSDRC Association Board Representative: Dan Blue; NSDRC Board Representative: Camille Williams; Members at Large: Jim Burrows, Hin Lee, Bob McCormack, Jim Lanctot, Janet Kuan.

Henry Tso Treasurer, NSDRC Foundation Board, Dan Blue Janet Kuan

Henry Tso

Dan Blue

Janet Kuan

Jim Burrows, NSDRC Foundation Board Hin Lee, NSDRC Foundation Board

Jim Burrows

Hin Lee

Bob McCormack, NSDRC Foundation Board Jim Lanctot, NSDRC Foundation Board

Bob McCormack

Jim Lanctot


2018 Events!

This year we are trying out some new fundraising ideas – so stay tuned!

NSDRC Live! Benefit Concerts

From 2008 until 2017, the NSDRC Foundation  produced an annual benefit concert, named NSDRC Live! Funds raised by the concert, silent auction and raffle supported two programs of the NSDRC Association:  the Information & Advocacy and Summer Bursary Programs.



Previous Fundraising Concerts

montage of concert performers from 2008 - 2017

Our past concerts have included the following artists: Sibel Thrasher, The Nylons, Jim Byrnes, Spirit of the West, Barney Bentall, Nearly Neil and the Solitary Band, Odds, Adam Cohen, Brent Butt, and Colin Mochrie & Deb McGrath. In addition to these truly great acts, we’ve been lucky to have the Jeff Standfield Band to kick off the evening for several years running!


Chambers Memorial Fund

The North Shore Disability Resource Centre (NSDRC) Association is a non-profit organization that provides support and assistance to over 400 people with disabilities and their families on the North Shore. The NSDRC Association was founded by a group of interested parents, professionals and supporters who came together with a common interest to form the organization in 1976. Their vision was to address the residential and social needs of people with physical disabilities living on the North Shore.

One of our past presidents and a man with great vision, Bill Chambers, together with his wife, Lois, in the mid-1980’s established an endowment fund in memory of their son, Robert. Robert lived in one of the NSDRC’s adult group homes for people with disabilities and had a clear vision of the life he wanted to live: He wanted to be free to make his own choices and live as independently as possible. Robert Chambers died at the early age of 34. Bill and Lois Chambers established the Robert Chambers Memorial Endowment Fund in 1992.

As the NSDRC continues to work for an inclusive and accessible community on the North Shore, we know that we must put aside money to serve the interests of people with disabilities for the long term. The Chambers Memorial Endowment Fund was created for this purpose. It will provide a permanent income for our Association.

Interest from the Endowment Fund provides independent revenue to the NSDRC which can be used for a variety of priorities and purposes. For example, the Association may designate revenue from the Fund to special projects, or to sustain programs provided through fundraising such as our Information Services program, Summer Program and Vacation Fund.

Since the capital in this Fund will be held in perpetuity by the VanCity Community Foundation and only the interest earned will be spent by the Association, we are assured long term income to support our activities in the coming years and to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

Contributions to the Chambers Memorial Endowment Fund create a legacy for the future of people with disabilities on the North Shore by enabling the NSDRC to pursue its mission of “Working for a community for all.”


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