Address: Suite 318 – 425 Carrall Street
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-688-6464 ext. 115

ConnecTra helps people with disabilities connect to their communities.
ConnecTra offers The Employment Mentorship Support Project (EMSP).
The project will test and evaluate whether the pairing of people with physical disabilities who are seeking employment with community-based, trained volunteer mentors can help reduce obstacles and increase the potential for employment.
The EMSP takes place in six Metro Vancouver communities: North Shore, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Tri-Cities and Surrey. We have Community Connectors, people with physical disabilities themselves, recruiting participants and volunteer mentors in each of these communities.
The EMSP offers eight months of one-on-one volunteer support for people with disabilities who want to explore work, social and leisure options. Participants will NOT be pressured into work, and will be at NO RISK of losing benefits.
For more information please contact your local Community Connector at ConnecTra.
The Community Connector for North and West Vancouver:
— Louisa Bridgman

Phone: 604-417-1765

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