Our Staff

The main role of staff at the NSDRC is to empower and support people with disabilities as valued, participating members in inclusive communities.

Staff follow the guidelines set out in the NSDRC Code of Ethical Conduct

Community Based Services Support Workers

In supporting children, teens and adults with developmental disabilities in a community setting, CBS Support Workers support goal based activities and community access. Participants in the programs are encouraged to work on goals to develop life skills and enhance independence.


Teen and Pre-Teen Program Workers

The Teen and Pre-Teen Social Program youth workers support individuals between the ages of 9 -18 with developmental disabilities to access their community. The program runs on Saturdays. Participants are assisted to plan and do activities in small peer groups. The program has a strong emphasis on community access, building social relationships, life skills and FUN!


Residential Care Worker (Supported Living Program) and Residential Care Attendant (Independent Living Program)

At residences throughout the community of North and West Vancouver, RCWs and RCAs work to empower and support people with disabilities at their homes and in the community. Responsibilities include all aspects of care and support in community living setting: administration and documentation, emergency supports to people we support, other staff and community, as well as engaging in community building.


Operational Management

Liz Barnett

Executive Director


Fenella Boase

Director of Human Resources


Kathleen Jessop

Director Community Based Services


Igor Dobrokhotov

Finance Manager

Suzanne Klassen

Director of Information & Advocacy Services


Kim Miles

Director Residential Services


Community Investment

Ross MacMillan

Manager, Community Investment (Public Relations & Fundraising)




Code of Ethical Conduct

The North Shore Disability Resource Centre (NSDRC) recognizes that many ethical decisions are required when supporting people. The following Code of Ethical Conduct provides a basis for resolving ethical questions and dilemmas by establishing guidelines for responsible behaviour.

While the statements in the Code of Ethical Conduct provide specific direction in addressing some ethical problems, situations may also require employees to combine these statements with sound judgment, and knowledge of the core values expressed in the Association’s Mission, Vision and Values Statements. These core values recognize the importance of respect, equality, family and support networks, collaboration, and diversity.


We will respect the right of individuals to make decisions affecting their life, e.g. health, finances, lifestyles, and friendships.

We will treat all people with respect, and value each person for their capacities and contributions.

We will treat all personal information acquired in the course of our duties as confidential.

We will provide supports and services to the best of our ability, adhering to professional standards.

We will respect the dignity and privacy of the people we support while carrying out our duties.

We will not engage in, or support, the exploitation of individuals or families for private or personal gain.

We will not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political belief, ancestry, age, ability or marital status.

In cases of conflict, we will work openly with all parties to make decisions as part of a team.

We will promote awareness of issues affecting people with disabilities within the community.


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