Al Etmanski & Allyship

Disability and Sexuality with Dave Symington

Disabled Community Connection Network (DCCN) is a monthly communication and information group for people of all ages (16+) with any disability. This group is hosted by the North Shore Disability Resource Centre. This group is facilitated by and for people with disabilities. The next group is May 16th, 4:00PM – 6:00PM. NOTE NEW LOCATION: 3158 Mountain Hwy, North Vancouver BC, the North Shore Disability Resource Centre Association’s offices. You can get there by bus, sea-bus and car.

The topic for the session will be on “Allyship and how to be a good ally to the disabled community”

Al Etmanski will be our speaker. His bio is below:

Al is a writer, community organizer and social entrepreneur. He was welcomed into the world of disability in 1978 when his daughter Liz was born. He led the closure of institutions, segregated schools, and sheltered workshops in BC. Founded Canada’s first Family Support Institute. Initiated the precedent setting right-to-treatment court case for Stephen Dawson. In 1989 he co-founded Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network with his wife Vickie Cammack. PLAN lobbied into existence the Registered Disability Savings Plan. Sparked a national conversation about ‘belonging.’ And was instrumental in establishing a grass roots alternative to legal guardianship by expanding the legal definition of capacity. Al’s last book, Impact: 6 Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation is a national bestseller. His forthcoming book is The Power of Disability: 10 Lessons for Surviving, Thriving and Changing the World. He blogs at

Please contact Lauren: or call 604-904-4088 to register.
Snacks are provided. The space is wheelchair accessible; if you require other accommodations please let us know by contacting Lauren. ASL is provided! Space is limited, so REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Snacks are provided!

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