Annual General Report of the NSDRC Association


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Report from the Executive Director, Liz Barnett:

This past year has seen a continuing trend of increased supports required due to aging and changes in the health of the people we support. We were able to support a 19 year old man, living at Lions Gate Hospital for 2 years, to move out to the community. Due to lack of other community resources, we were unable to continue to support 2 more adults in their 60’s to stay in their own homes. There is a lack of interim living arrangement for adults with disabilities who require more support than we can provide but are too young and capable to live in an extended care facility. This will be a continuing area of concern as people we support age and face more challenges.
A further highlight this past year was the storms that wracked the Lower mainland in August. Our disaster plans were in place and although power was knocked out for several days, people we support and employees were kept safe and the houses sustained minimal damage.
There have been some financial challenges with the increased costs of employee benefits. We are not alone in this, as it’s a national trend. To date, funders have not recognized this costs and so pressure is being placed on the NSDRC and others to create more efficiency. We were also informed that the United Way grant, received since 1976, will end at the end of the next fiscal year. This will substantially change the nature of 2 programs, and demonstrates the challenges all not for profit organizations face.
We were deeply saddened with the news that John Neumann, former Executive Director – Information & Advocacy passed away in July 2015. John had been with the NSDRC for 30 years. John was a critical part of all housing projects and programs operated by the NSDRC. John built the Information & Advocacy Service from phone calls off the sides of our desks to serving over 600 people a year. John was the first Executive Director of the NSDRC Foundation. John changed the North Shore community and the lives of hundreds of people with disabilities. He is missed every day by his many colleagues, friends and his family.
A huge thank you to my dedicated Board of Directors, who between them have over 70 years of experience as Board members, Many thanks to the people we support and their friends and families for the privilege of having us in your lives. Over 1400 people a year use NSDRC services, paid for through donations and grants! To our funders and many donors, your support makes a difference.
montage of agency photos and poster contest entries

Residential Services

Community engagement isn’t only about going out in the community; it is also about bringing the community to you. Throughout 2015-2016, The NSDRC Residential Services has been very fortunate to have connected with individuals, programs and companies that would not usually be aware of the great work that the NSDRC continues to do with and for participants.
Justin Rahal, a local high school student, received the City of North Vancouver “Youth Community Enhancement Award” for the mural that Justin volunteered eighty hours to complete on the wall of the Quinton Place children’s group home family room.

mural of a child sitting under a tree with a dog at Quinton house
The muralist getting an award

Progress to Health – a community based organization in New Zealand, requested that a contingent of three leaders tour our program sites and they were very impressed with the services we offered and stated that they were interested in implementing some changes in their organization that reflect the great work we do.
Spartan Controls; a manufacturer, through the United Way “Day of Caring” program, sent a team of ten enthusiastic employees to volunteer seven hours of their time and energy to stain the entire exterior of Quinton Place children’s group home. Quinton Place looks awesome thank you to Kelly, Ashley, Jim, Vince, Debra, Adam, Dan, Logan, Derek and Laura. I am certain that the exchange has enhanced everyone’s life.
Guests from New Zealand pose in front of House

Home Depot has provided the NSDRC with varying Grants which have provided many of our residential program sites with funding to purchase much needed sheds and gardening supplies.
Thanks to the North Shore Neighbourhood Grant Program and the Vancouver Foundation, Dave Hicks, Program Manager at Quinton Place, his staff and the children living at Quinton Place were able to host their 3rd annual neighbourhood BBQ which was well attended by neighbours, a representative from the Bear Aware program who offered good advice and information and a special showing by the wonderful firemen from Firehall # 3 who brought their big firetruck and their big smiles to show off.
Quinton house BBQ group shot with fire truck in the background

Jan Kocaba, a participant’s family member, volunteered his time and expertise to oversee the replacement of the Nancy Greene Way patio.
a family member helps with home tasksred chairs and patio umbrella on a deck outside
The NSDRC Residential Services program staff continue “working for a community for all”

Some Residential Services Statistics:
The NSDRC Adult Supported Living Program provided 20 individuals with a total of 79,715 hours of support. Core Funding provided by Community Living BC (CLBC)
The NSDRC Children’s Supported Living Program provided 17,031 hours of staffing support to children within our group home setting which included providing much needed respite support to 4 children and their families and ongoing fulltime daily support to 3 individuals. Core Funding provided by Ministry for Children and Family Development (MCFD)
The NSDRC Adult Independent Living Program provided 19 individuals with 24,547 hours of staff support. Core funding provided by Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH).
montage of agency photos and poster contest entries

Community Based Services

Infant Development Program (IDP)
• Provides family-centred services for families of infant’s birth to three years old who are experiencing delays in development or who are at risk for developmental delays. Services include home visits, developmental assessments, parent/child playgroup, parent education evenings, lending library, referrals & information.
• Core funded by the Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD)
• Served 191 infants and children
• 34 children referred to pre-school/day-care
• 65 families exited program due to; child reaching age of three, family moved, child ‘caught up’ to norm, child referred to another service or family had confidence to proceed without service.
• Provided 762 home visits & 738 telephone calls
• Other IDP Services:
 Play Group 2 mornings/week for 2hrs. typically 8-14 children attend with families
 Mother Goose
 Parent Support Group Meetings – 9 held
 Partner with Vancouver IDP for Upside Down parent and child group.
the cutest smiling baby ever graphic of outline of babies and todlers

Special Services to Children
• Provides 1+1 support to children and youth 7 days a week.
• Core funded by the Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD)
• Up to 52 children served per month
• 10,904 hours of service provided

Day Camps – Professional Day, Christmas Break and Spring Break day camps were offered with up to 10 children/youth. These day camps enabled NSDRC to provide much needed support services to families and use hours allotted by MCFD.

Mountaineers – NSDRC entered a partnership with Mountainside Secondary School in September 2015. A new way to offer 1:1 support in a group setting, where the school offered a classroom for after-school use Monday – Friday’s from 3pm-6pm. Up to 5 children/youth and 5 support workers meet at the school, socialize about
their day at school and access the community. This service reduces wait times for support and provides social interactions for youth who require 1:1 support.
people skatingpeople around a christmas treepeople baking cookies

Teen/Pre-Teen & Youth Zone Programs
• Teen/Pre-Teen provides small group activities to children & youth once a week.
• Youth Zone provides group mentorship to youth on the Autism Spectrum once per week.
• 30 youth served
 We gratefully acknowledge the support of John Braithwaite Community Centre providing complimentary space for the Youth Zone to meet.
• Programs core funded by the Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD).

Camp Capilano – The Teen/Pre-Teen program attend Camp Capilano yearly. This local over-night experience is a highlight for many of the participants. They enjoy guided nature walks, swimming in the outdoor pool, singing songs around the fire and sharing meals with each other.

A group of teens in halloween costumesteens in front of a statue in gastown

Summer Bursary Program
• Provides bursaries to families to assist with payment of summer camp costs or support worker fees.
• $81,500.00 was raised through grants and direct mail out.
• Cost to operate program $24,172
• 179 bursaries allocated for a total of $57,328.00
• We gratefully acknowledge the following donors:
 Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD)
 Municipalities (District of North Vancouver, City of North Vancouver, District of West Vancouver
 United Way
 Variety the children’s charity
 CKNW Orphans Fund
 CIBC Wood Gundy
 Deep Cove Lions
 Lynn Valley Lions
 Lynn Valley Legion
 North Shore Optimist Club
 North Vancouver Kiwanis Foundation
 D. Mowafaghian Foundation
 Private Donations
girls outside smilinglittle girls dancing in ballet outfits

Adult Life Skills Program
• Provides 1+1 support to adults 7 days a week
• Core funded by Community Living BC (CLBC)
• 29 adults served
• 9,800 hours of service provided.
woman sitting under a bell in a park

STAGE (Supportive Transition Adult Group Education)
• Provides continuing education for young adults who have graduated from high school. Classes are offered for small groups and focus on both academic and job readiness skills.
• Core funded by Community Living BC (CLBC)
• Provides service to up to 15 young adults
 STAGES of Creativity small business making birdhouses, greeting cards, laundry soap, toilet bombs, candles.
 STAGE is active on social media by using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat & YouTube.
STAGE participants group shotmontage of people working on various stages of birdhouse production

montage of agency photos and poster contest entries

Information & Advocacy Program

NSDRC’s Information and Advocacy (I&A) program provides information about and access to government, social and community services to people with disabilities, their families, and caregivers, as well as to professionals and members of the general public. We are the only agency on the North Shore that provides this assistance to people of any age with any sort of disability, and to their families and caregivers. The program has run since 1998.
We provide advocacy and assist with the filling out forms. We also produce an online Resource Guide for people with disabilities, their families and caregivers. This 2015- 2016 year saw continued the Information & Advocacy Program continue to work at full capacity. Both our advocates, Gillian and Brian report clients arriving with increasingly complex situations.
In 2014 we were contacted 1419 times including 952 contacts from people with disabilities, 183 from families/caregivers and 205 professionals seeking assistance for their clients. From last year, we saw a 38% increase in the number of contacts involving federal pension forms (CPP, CPPD, OAS etc), and expect to see this figure jump even more dramatically next year as Service Canada withdraws its form assistance function and the province requires many on Provincial Assistance to apply for CPPD. We work continually with a variety of community groups and various levels of government toward ensuring that all citizens have access to employment, education, housing and a fully engaged life. This year we worked with the North Shore Community Response Network and Fraser Valley Justice Initiatives to design and provide Building Vibrant Communities – a 3 workshop series that builds empathy, communication skills and conflict comfort with seniors in congregate living. We also partnered with the BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support to host an 8 session series for senior women that looked at prevention of abuse and neglect.
We are grateful for the funding of the Government of British Columbia, the United Way of the Lower Mainland, Canadian Progress Club, District of North Vancouver, City of North Vancouver and West Vancouver Kiwanis Club. A very special thank you to our individual donors, your personal contribution means so much!
Workshop participants in session

Transition & Employment Program

Transition and Employment offers information and support for families who parent youth with disabilities to navigate the transition to adulthood and to create meaningful plans for their children’s future. We collaborate with schools to plan for student’s transition year out of high school. We provide employment related supports, guidance and resources for youth and adults with disabilities looking for employment on the North Shore or returning to the workforce.

“You are a wonderful resource for me and the families I serve.” Teacher; Seycove Secondary School
This year the facilitator responded to 163 requests regarding transition, employment and post -secondary supports.

Fifty-seven parents and young people attended Parent Information Eventsthat addressed Registered Disability Savings Plans, Employment, Accessing Adult Services, Post-Secondary Options and Creating Transition Plans. In addition, 70 parents, youth and others from the community participated in the 2nd Exceptional Journey Forum, a transition event hosted by the NS Youth Transition Committee at the Kay Meek Centre in West Vancouver.
“I found the workshop very informative and it was so great to connect with parents and professionals.” Parent at Employment First workshop
people giving a presentation
Fifteen youth successfully completed Job Club, a group that meets once a week where they identify their employment themes, become aware of workplace/employer expectations, write resumes and practice interview skills.
person hard at work in a gardenfellow working on some masonry2 women front desk staff

Training is offered to staff and community members:
• 24 staff attended workshops to learn to assist people we support to find employment
• 32 Capilano University Education Assistant program students and North Vancouver School District Education Assistants completed the Job Coaching Strategies workshop
2 women folding a shirtYoung man at a sports event

“The information you provide at our workshop seminars is very concrete and our EA students really appreciate the hands-on skill application you share. They also enjoy your presentation style very much!” Capilano University Instructor, EA program
• A blueprint for a future online outreach project was developed to provide information, instruction and training.

• Participated in MentorAbility; an event that matches employers to job seekers for a day of mentoring. This is a Ready, Willing and Able project in conjunction with the Canadian Association for Supported Employment and the Supported Employment Advocacy Network.
• Family Support Network: Workshops
• PLAN: Workshops
• Inclusion BC: Advocacy and Family Support Workers Network
• Partnered with Better at Home to provide yard workers for seniors.
• Partners in Workforce Innovation an employer/job seeker matching initiative for referrals.
• Work BC: Customized Employment for referrals.

Employment Supports

• 48 people who we support reported to have paid employment, work experience placements or volunteer work. 15% have competitive employment while 85% have customized employment
• We have documented 29 businesses on the North Shore and in Vancouver who are participating in inclusive hiring with people we support.
• 18 new employers were contacted regarding inclusive hiring.

“….I’ve got a job, I wanted to tell you! I’ve been working for almost three weeks…It seems it’s going to work out, which is nice because I am really thoroughly enjoying it.” Person served: employment.

“I would just like to let you know Rinka got the job at the bakery shop which is great because of your supports.” Parent

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Districts of North and West Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver, to enable us to provide the Parent Information Events and the Kiwanis Club of West Vancouver for support to develop the initial stages of the online outreach project.
Montage of agency photos and poster contest entries

Human Resources

Employee Diversity Training was held in November and December 2015 for all employees.
The agency’s employee turnover rate was 11% which is lower than the last two years.
The agency hired 47 employees: 2 in Administration; 18 in Residential Services; and 27 in CBS.
WorkSafeBC claims were lower than the last 2 years.


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