Do you have a question about employment? Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, we can answer you questions and assist with solutions! Call Glenda, NSDRC's employment specialist at 604-985-5371

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If you've got questions about employment, Glenda can provide support for job seekers with disabilities and for employers looking to hire. You can reach Glenda by calling 604-985-5371 or emailing


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My name is Gillian Burns and this is my story of my first job after University.
I was in my final year of my Bachelor Degree at the University of Victoria in 2001 when I had the opportunity to interview for my first job as an English as Second Language teacher in Tokyo, Japan. I was looking forward to learning how to speak Japanese, eat lots of sushi and learn how to live like a local….For what happens next and to read all the employment blog posts, click here


Life Leases and Housing for People with Disabilities and their Families!

Options for Us: Life Leases June 14th

The North Shore Disability Resource Centre is pleased to present Options for Us: Life Leases an overview of Life Leases and their use in attaining housing for people with disabilities and their families

Thursday June 14 6:00 pm – 730 pm North Vancouver Public Library Paul Singh Room (3rd floor) The Library is an accessible space. Please let us know if you require any specific accommodations

Please Register by contacting Suzanne: 604-904-4088 or


Join The Snapping Barriers Project and capture access barriers with art!

Snapping Barriers Banner

The Snapping Barrier Project:
The project will be a mixed media project, where participants create artwork that captures access barriers in the communities we live in.

– The artwork can be presented in photographs, video, poems, writing, painting, drawing or any other art medium. If you are not sure if your art medium is acceptable please contact Suzanne at the North Shore Resource Centre: Email or call 604-904-4088

Note: sculpture is not allowed for this project.
Note: Do not use copyrighted materials in your projects

– The project is open to anyone that self-identities with having a disability. This includes invisible and visible disabilities.

– The purpose of this project is to showcase how access barriers affect you personally on a daily basis, be it physically, socially or emotionally. Ideas regarding the removal of the barriers and its resulting positive impact can also be a focus of your project.

– Projects should be done by May 31, 2018. The project will be shown in June 2018. Please send completed work to If you cannot send electronically, please contact Suzanne to arrange for other methods. Any questions, contact Suzanne.


Want to Know what People With Disabilities said about Poverty Reduction?

On Saturday March 10th, a group of 17 people sat down to discuss poverty reduction. Here’s what they said: REPORT on Poverty Reduction Community Meeting for People with Disabilities and their Families


Here’s what People with Disabilities and their Families said about Housing

In 2016, the NSDRC Association and Foundation Boards began a housing engagement project called Options for Us – Housing for People with Disabilities on the North Shore with the goal of asking a range of people with disabilities and their families and caregivers about the current housing situation, and what would work better.

The report can be viewed as a PDF here: Final Report on Options for Us Engagements

Check out our list of housing for families, adults and seniors with disabilities in the Resource Guide


Support NSDRC in a new way by donating to our GoFundMe campaign!

Banner for go fund me

We’re trying something a little different with this GoFundMe campaign, because we think it’s the perfect way to reach people in the community who want the opportunity to give something back and be part of creating a long term solution to a big problem that’s too often overlooked. Check out our GoFundMe page by clicking the button below.

GoFundme Button with a link to NSDRC's Go Fund me page


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