Do you have your RDSP? Check out the links below to see if you qualify!

Learn About the RDSP this month!

The Registered Disability Savings Plan has been available to Canadians with a disability for several years now and yet many have not taken advantage of this excellent program. The NSDRC regularly hosts workshops about the RDSP and now you can learn about the RDSP, calculate its benefit, and download the application guide on the Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) website. Please check out the website - many who think they are not eligible actually are. You can also check out this RDSP, Grants & Bonds Presentation from the Government of Canada (pdf)


The Federal Government Wants to Hear from YOU on Accessibility:

The Federal Government is holding consultations until February 2017 and wants to gather input from Canadians about planned accessibility legislation. You can register to attend and in-person session and/or use the discussion guide and fill out an on-line questionnaire.
For more information, including discussion guides, videos, and opportunities for online participation visit the Consultation on federal disability legislation webpage


NSDRC Housing – Millhouse Units Now FULL

All 4 units at Harold Road and Mountain Hwy have been filled. While applications are still accepted for a wait-list, please be advised that the wait may be lengthy.
For information about the tenancy criteria and for the application form, please go to the NSDRC Housing Information & Application page, or click the Housing Application button in the right hand sidebar.
NSDRC would like to thank Lynn Valley United Church, Marcon Developments, and the District of North Vancouver for their support of this project.
If you are a person with a disability looking for housing and need assistance, please call Gillian at the NSDRC Information & Advocacy Program at 604-985-5371.Please note that Gillian is away until January 10, 2017.


Options for Us: Housing for People with Disabilities

Image of hand drawn input from parents on large sheets of paper.
OPTION FOR US kicks off with 2 parent sessions!
OPTIONS FOR US is an engagement project that is seeking input on housing for people with disabilities from parents, individuals, caregivers, and a range of other decision makers and stakeholders.
The project began in the spring and has already held two parent engagement sessions and has plans for at least three more sessions with individuals this summer. We are gathering input about what’s working and what’s not; about existing housing and housing gaps; and about new and innovative ideas and projects. We’ll continue to engage with stakeholders over the fall with the goal of producing a series of workshops and info sessions that cover ideas and issues arising from our community conversations. We’ll be sharing the information as we go, so keep an eye on our website!
If you can’t make it to one of our engagement sessions, please feel free to fill out one of our on line community housing surveys:
For parents:
For individuals:


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